There is disabled access to parking, reception, waiting rooms, toilet areas and all clinical areas.  If you require any additional support please contact the practice to discuss.  There is access to a wheel chair on request.

What happens at Breast Screening?

(See video at further information section)


ROTA CHEMIST DETAILS see further information link



To improve patient confidentiality we have recently purchased a rope barrier and respectfully ask patients to stand back behind the barrier until the person in front of you has been dealt with by reception staff.



A detailed list is displayed at reception.  Your G.P. is contracted only for N.H.S. services there will be occasions when certificates etc will be charged for. (see Clinics & Services for further info) or speak to our Practice Manager



Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions it would be very helpful if you would give our reception staff a short reason for your contact with the surgery.  This information will enable us to prioritise our day.


If you require a chaperone whenever possible we would ask you to make this request at the time of booking your appointment so that arrangements can be made and your appointment not delayed in any way.

NEXT MEETING MONDAY 2nd December 2013

Our next meeting is planned as above, starting a 6pm.  If you are interested in coming along please contact that practice manager, or if you have any issue which you may want the group to discuss for you please leave a message either with the practice manager or via the PPG post box, located in the practice waiting area.


NEWS UPDATE (February 2013)

On Tuesday 12th February 2013, 15 of our pratice patients attended our annual educational event, which this year was faciliated by the British Red Cross and titled "Everyday First Aid".  Jock the faciliator stated "everyone can learn a few simple first aid skills that could help someone if things suddenly went wrong" reminding us that most of the time the person you'll be helping will be a friend or family member. 


With even a little first aid knowledge, "most people will generally become more willing to respond in an emergency."  The agenda for the meeting was left open to the group to discuss their experiences and bring up any particular areas they wanted to discuss.  By the end of the night Jock had covered how we might help someone who: is unconscious and not breathing; is choking; is unconscious and breathing; is bleeding heavily; has a burn or a scald; has a broken bone; is having a heart attack; is having a stroke; is having a seizure; is having an asthma attack; has a head injury; is distressed.  His skills as a presenter were excellent and everyone present really enjoyed this event agreeing that they were leaving with the confidence to step forward and help someone in need.


NEWS UPDATE (December 2012)

As per notes from our last meeting it was agreed to respond publicly to patient query posted to group.  As below this response will be displayed on waiting room notice board and on website.


A member of our patient group Mr H. Wallace has provided this response:


"The patients "Post Box" at reception recently contained a query about how to maximise confidentiality when making an appointment at the desk.  The Practice and the Patient Participation Group discussed the matter and confirmed that it is important for reception staff to be able to ask questions, so as to direct patients to the appropriated member of the clinical team.  Patients are assured that these conversations are conducted in as sensitive a manner as possible." 



Christina circulated information from Red Cross and it was agreed that we should book course "Everyday First Aid".  This Patient Group event will be organised for Monday 11th February 2013, at 7pm.  This event will last for 2 hours.  Places will be limited, so please contact the surgery as soon as possible to register your interest.  This event is open to patients registered with Orchard Family Practice, only.



Christina informed the group that our Carer's numbers are well improved this year.  Practice will continue to make efforts throughout the incoming year to identify more Carer's.



It was agreed that after our next patient educational event in February we should arrange for a small article to be place in local paper noting our existence, the purpose of our group and our acheivements over the past 2 years, also inviting patients to get involved.



NEWS UPDATE (September 2012)

Patient Participation Group Meeting: 25th September 2012:

Summary, there was some discussion in response to a letter received from a patient, via patient "Post Box" located in reception.  In general the query dealt with reception staff asking for a reason for appointments.

After discussion it was agreed that the practice should look at just how patients are asked for this information, trying to get to a point whereby patients will volunteer information and if a private issue, there should be no presssure on patients at this stage.


Another suggestion made by a patient was that we would provide patients with contact telephone numbers for other services located in the building, i.e. Treatment Room & Health Visiting.  This information has now been added to website see "useful numbers".


Next meeting planned for 10th December 2012.  If you have any comment for the group please contact them by using the above link "contact us" or use the "post box" located in patient waiting area, or email



NEWS UPDATE (April 2012)

At our meeting last night our patient group extended their sympathy to Dr Mathews & Kyle. 


We had a very informative information session from Patricia Jordan from Carers Matter who explained alot about the various carer's projects ongoing in our community and how Carer's Matter aim to improve services for patients.  We agreed to focus on this matter in our Summer News Letter and to start by trying to raise awareness in the practice by attaching a notice to each prescription and a constant carer's information section at reception desk.


Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday 19th June 2012 if you are interested in attending please contact the Practice Manager on 02838360575.



NEWS UPDATE (March 2012)

At our last Patient Group Meeting we agreed to organise email alerts to any locally organised health & well being events.  We have made contact with Craigavon Coucil and are now on their mailing list.  Since our last meeting there have been 2 separate email drops to our patients.  Firstly "Take a Walk on the Wildside" and most recently "Give it a Go" campaign which is running across the borough throughout March see link to the extensive programme organised through March 2012 GIVE IT A GO . Early feedback from the coucil indicates that patients have been interested in this information.

Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday 24th April 2012 at 6pm, if you are interested in attending please contact the Practice Manager on 02838360575.



NEWS UP-DATE: (December 2011)


Representatives of the Practice and the PPG attended a conference in October last entitled “Patients in Practice”. We had the opportunity of meeting colleagues from other PPGs and exchanging ideas.


We also had a briefing on the Patient and Client Council, which the Government has set up to facilitate people in making their views known on health matters; to provide advice and information, and help with making complaints. There is a membership scheme and we would encourage patients, their friends and families to join. Our web site has a link


In November 2011 we held our first Educational Event for Patients.  The topic was CPR (Coronary Pulmonary Resuscitation) & Defibrillator Training.  This was an excellent event and those who attended received hands on training and certificate of acheivement.  It is our intention to develop these patient events throughout next year.


Our next meeting is planned for TUESDAY 17th JANUARY 2012 if you are interested in joining our group, please contact the Practice Manager at 02838 360575.


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